0x Games announces its fourth title

0x Games has announced its fourth blockchain-based title called '0x Racers', which is set for release in late summer

Game development studio 0x Games has announced its fourth blockchain-based gaming title called ‘0x Racers’.

The news was announced on the 0x Games website. The studio has worked on several notable titles already such as ‘0x Universe’ and ‘0x Warriors’. Its games have been featured on the Ethereum, EOS, and Tron networks.

0x Racers is a multiplayer racing manager where the player can own their cars indefinitely, tune them up with unique autoparts, join racing events, and earn token profits while playing the game.

Players will be able to pick between “hundreds of cars and thousands of parts”. There will be four car tiers and four rarity values associated with the in-game virtual assets.

As with its previous titles, 0x Games will be hosting a pre-sale which is set to commence on June 25 and will last until July 25.

During the pre-sale, players will be able to get cars and car parts from special loot boxes at 50% discounts, and all purchased items will be usable when the game is released in late summer.

0x Games is set to continue its streak of having games feature on multiple blockchains, with 0x Racers pegged to be built on a “multi-blockchain architecture”.

This means that players can use Ethereum, EOSIO, and Tron simultaneously in an open-economy market. 0x Games has also stated its intention to announce additional chains going forward.

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