0xGames teams up with Tron Arcade for release of new game 0xWarriors

0xGames has teamed up with Tron Arcade to release its new gaming dApp, 0xWarriors, on the Tron blockchain

Tron Arcade has announced that new multiplayer role playing game 0xWarriors will be released on the Tron blockchain.

In a Medium post, the company stated: “A content ecosystem is only as good as the developers building on it. So, we’re very pleased to have acclaimed game developer 0xGames launching its competitive battler 0xWarriors on the Tron blockchain.”

0xGames’ first release, 0xUniverse, garnered a lot of praise and “consistently” topped the dApp gaming charts.

Now, 0xGames is looking to continue to break boundaries by aligning with Tron Arcade, who have also been making strides in the dApp space.

0xWarriors allows players to take part in battle tournaments and collect and equip themselves with “hundreds of unique” weapons and armour. They can also trade items with other users.

Like most role playing games, players will have the ability to customise their characters both aesthetically and functionally, such as assigning skills.

Each 0xWarrior will differ according to each player’s designation of skills. After each battle, the survivors have a chance to receive attribute points to level up these skills. After every third level, players can choose a special perk for their warrior.

To acquire new gear, players can purchase ‘chests’ with Tron’s cryptocurrency TRX. You can also earn TRX by competing in tournaments.

The public tournaments are held weekly and are free to enter. The prize is 50% of the revenue generated through chest sales. Ten players will also have a chance to win an “apprentice” chest by participating in the tournament.

There are also private tournaments that require a fee to enter.

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