15 FemTech big hitters in the blockchain and crypto space

Coin Rivet showcases 15 women you need to be following on Twitter.

1. Elizabeth Rossiello (@e_rossiello)

Twitter bio: Founder/CEO @BitPesa, feminist, and Carmen Sandiego addict. Building Africa’s Digital Payment Infrastructure #MovewithAfrica

2. Sally Eaves (@SallyEaves)

Twitter bio: Innovating #tech #education #businessCTO + Advisor
#blockchain #AI@OxfordSBS #fintech
#speaker@TeamBlockchain #STEM #techforgood@Forbes @ProjectShivom

3. Kathryn Haun (@katie_haun)

Twitter bio: Advise companies & funds. Teach @StanfordGSB. Board of Directors @Coinbase @HackerOne. Fmr fed prosecutor
@JusticeDepartment alum @Stanford @USSupremeCourt w/AK

4. Pamela Morgan (@PamelaWJD)

Twitter bio: Educator. Entrepreneur. Author. Attorney. Inspired by empowering others. Believer in social justice, freedom, and smiling at strangers. https://empoweredlaw.com

5. Meltem Demirors (@Melt_Dem)

Twitter bio: i don’t sleep, i wait. building @CoinSharesCo treasury. investing w/ athena & 3.0 capital. teaching @MIT@UniofOxford.
formerly @dcgco.

6. Connie Gallippi, (@conniegallippi)

Twitter bio: Founder & Ex Dir @BitGiveOrgRevolutionizing Philanthropy w/ Bitcoin & Blockchain since 2013; Equity Advocate; Outdoor Enthusiast; World Wonderer; opinions mine

7. Preethi Kasireddy (@iam_preethi)

Twitter bio: Blockchain engineer. Founder & CEO of @isTruStory. Previously @Coinbase, @a16z, @GoldmanSachs.
I live and breathe crypto. Studied Systems Engineering @USC

8. Elizabeth Stark (@starkness)

Twitter bio: big fan of the internet. like building things. cofounder @lightning labs, fellow @coincenter. taught @stanford +

9. Galia Benartzi (@galiabenartzi)

Twitter bio: Entrepreneur, plant lover, blockchain enthusiast, community builder, loyalist, woman

10. Tricia Martinez (@TriciaTita)

Twitter bio: Founder & CEO of @GetWala & #DalaCryptocurrency Behavioral Economics from @UChicago Backed
by @Techstarshttp://www.getwala.com #Feminist #Entrepreneur

11. Blythe Masters@blythemasters

Twitter bio: Blythe Masters is CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, LLC

12. Linda Xie (@ljxie)

Twitter: Co-founder @ScalarCapital. Previously Product Manager @Coinbase. Advisor @0xProject.

13. Arianna Simpson (@AriannaSimpson)

Twitter bio: VC & MD @ Autonomous Partners. into crypto before it was cool. also into startups, motorcycles, books, running, skiing, and travel. ex @Facebook, @BitGo.

14. Amber Baldet (@AmberBaldet)

Twitter bio: CEO @GrowClovyr | Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right

15. Tiffany Hayden (@haydentiff)

Twitter bio: Elliptic curves & weapons of math destruction. #Bitcoin & #BitcoinCash. Unwavering support
for #Ripple #XRP#Codius #Interledger

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