Three cryptocurrency podcasts to add to your library

A cryptocurrency podcast is a great way to stay up to date with all the latest goings-on in the world of cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency podcast is a great way to stay up to date with all the latest goings-on in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Podcasts provide an ideal medium to absorb information – whether you’re on a run, working at your office, or simply relaxing at home. There are a wide variety of cryptocurrency podcasts. Some are aimed at developers, some are aimed at traders, and many are just general chit-chats that are easy for newcomers to understand. There is something for everyone.

Here are three cryptocurrency podcasts to add to your library.

The Magical Crypto Friends

The Magical Crypto Friends podcast consists of Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin; Riccardo Spagni, one of the lead developers behind Monero; Samson Mow, chief strategy officer of Blockstream; and WhalePanda, a crypto OG.

The Magical Crypto Friends release a podcast around once a month and generally discuss all the latest news in the space. With both Charlie Lee and Riccardo Spagni, you can gain an insight into the latest developments on both Litecoin and Monero. Monero is a particularly interesting coin due to the privacy-based nature of the cryptocurrency.

Their main focus however remains on Bitcoin. Despite the Litecoin and Monero influence, it is fair to say that the Magical Crypto Friends podcast is largely a Bitcoin maximalist discussion.

With each member having been involved in cryptocurrencies for many years, they each bring their own expertise to the role. Samson Mow has the insights of working for Blockstream, one of the largest Bitcoin companies around. WhalePanda has the knowledge of the community, and both Charlie and Riccardo can add insights into technical developments.

Such has been the positivity behind the podcast that the Magical Crypto Friends are hosting their own conference in New York on the 11th-12th May. This conference will take place just before one of the biggest of the year: Consensus. However, the Magical Crypto Conference will be at a vastly reduced price. Speakers include Adam Back, Elizabeth Stark, and Peter Todd. Tickets range from $330 to $520. When compared to many other conferences, this is a much more reasonable price.

Their show is a light-hearted look at the world of cryptocurrencies, but always with an interesting insight into what is happening at the forefront of the industry.

Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormack has been making waves in recent months for a variety of reasons. He shot to fame following his Twitter thread of how he turned $32,000 to $1.2 million and back to $0 again after taxes trading cryptocurrencies.

Now though he runs an extremely successful podcast called What Bitcoin Did. Peter has interviewed some of the experts in the industry for the podcast, but is also not afraid to get contrarian opinions either, as heard in his discussion with economics professor Steve Keen.

In recent months, he has run a couple of very interesting series including the tale of Mt Gox featuring a variety of participants – including Mark Karpeles and Brock Pierce – as well as a Lightning Network series speaking to the likes of Jack Mallers and Pierre Rochard.

Should you wish to learn about the latest developments of Bitcoin, trading secrets from some of the best traders, or wider discussions regarding cryptocurrencies, then check out What Bitcoin Did.

Venture Coinist

Venture Coinist, more commonly known as Luke Martin, made his name in the world of trading. Widely respected by the community, he also runs the Venture Coinist YouTube channel that contains trading tips and a wide variety of interviews.

He was recently able to grab an interview with the notorious Arthur Hayes, CEO and co-founder of BitMEX. He has also spoken to CZ Zhao (founder of Binance) and Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano.

On top of this, Luke also provides trading videos providing tips on technical analysis. Luke’s YouTube channel and podcasts combine influential guests within the industry with a trader’s mindset. If your focus is on the price movements of cryptocurrencies and making money rather than the technical development side of cryptocurrencies, then check out Luke’s podcasts and YouTube channel.

A cryptocurrency podcast – everyone’s at it

These are just three recommended cryptocurrency podcasts, but there are many, many more. Podcasts are currently in vogue and anyone and everyone wants to start one. With the wealth of availability, this means that there will be a cryptocurrency podcast out there to suit your needs and wants.

If you have a favourite cryptocurrency podcast that you want to recommend, then let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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