8 Circuit Studios reveals new Project Genesis updates

8 Circuit Studios recently hosted its Andromeda playtest for Project Genesis, unveiling the latest updates for the game in the process

Blockchain game company 8 Circuit Studios recently held an ‘Andromeda’ playtest for upcoming title Project Genesis – a space combat and first-person shooter (FPS) mash-up – and unveiled the latest updates for the game in the process.

During the playtest, a wide array of updates were on full display. One of the most notable updates was the improved visual effects of the game, namely in the damage states, weapons, shields, and thrusters.

A new damage system has been implemented to include additional models to indicate what remains after a ship breaks apart. Added to that are extra touches such as smouldering metal, which helps add visual flavour and contrast.

Several weapons have also been visually updated under their working names while the capital ship shields have been drastically enhanced.

The Project Genesis community previously had difficulty reading when a ship’s boosters were firing since the only indication was an energy bar in the HUD.

As a result, 8 Circuit Studios has made an effort to improve readability by emphasising the three different booster states. Kickback has also been added to emphasise the feeling of high-thrust output.

To help emulate space combat, the team has also implemented a wear-and-tear progression system through which the player’s flight and combat hours will cause gradual degradation of a pristine support ship.

Updates to the vessel movement system have also been implemented to enable flexibility and additional flight control.

This is important to the team because “the transition from third-person space combat to FPS on-board firefights can be jarring if not tackled properly”.

Perhaps most importantly for the game, which has a lot of focus on multiplayer elements, the team has also endeavoured to scale the multiplayer functionality.

More details on the latest batch of updates for Project Genesis can be found on the game’s Medium blog page.

Interested in reading more Project Genesis-related stories? Discover more about its upcoming Alpha phase which is set to be released this summer.

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