9Lives Arena announces closed alpha testing phase

Fantasy role-playing game 9Lives Arena has announced a closed alpha phase where players can duke it out to claim the Alpha Season throne

9Lives Arena – a player vs player blockchain-based game – has announced the launch of its inaugural season and will host a closed alpha testing phase starting next month.

9Lives Arena is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) in which players contest one-on-one (1V1) duels. As the title suggests, players will have a total of nine lives per created character – once the nine lives are up, the player will need to create a new character.

The development team announced the closed alpha phase as well as its inaugural ‘Alpha Season’ in a Medium blog post. Players will battle against each other as they vie to claim the Alpha Season throne.

The announcement reads: “With the launch of the closed alpha, we are also announcing our very first season – Alpha Season! The 30 best warriors from the leaderboards towards the end of the closed alpha will receive a season finale tournament invite and fight for prize money.”

The prize pool is claimed to be worth more than $10,000 CDN. The season winner will be placed on the 9LA throne for the entirety of season two.

The closed alpha is scheduled to last for roughly five months, giving the team enough time to scale the server and prepare for greater quantities of players when they move to the open alpha phase.

One of the key features the team is working on during the closed alpha phase is the ability to link Enjin wallets to players’ 9Lives Arena gaming accounts. If successful, this will grant players the function to begin using blueprints and start crafting their own unique loot.

Closed alpha access is available on the 9Lives Arena store through Founder packs, with a total of 999 spots available.

Interested in reading more 9Lives Arena-related news? Discover more about the blueprint mechanic which will let players craft their own loot and monetise it.

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