9Lives Arena’s closed alpha has officially begun

9Lives Arena has officially launched its closed alpha testing, meaning lucky owners of Founder Pack 3 and above can now vie for the Alpha Season throne

9Lives Arena – a blockchain-based fantasy role-playing game (RPG) – has officially launched its closed alpha testing phase, meaning lucky owners of Founder Pack 3 and above can now battle each other to claim the Alpha Season throne.

9Lives Arena is a fantasy RPG with heavy emphasis on player vs player (PvP) combat, in which players look to one-up each other to become the most skilled fighter in the game.

As you can guess from the title, each character created in-game will have a total of nine lives before the player will need to create a new one.

Ahead of the closed alpha phase, the team at 9Lives Arena had been teasing players on Twitter.

Cindy Gomez, co-founder and president of TouchHour – the team developing the game – tweeted: “Don’t miss out on 9Lives Arena closed alpha starting tomorrow!”

The main 9Lives Arena Twitter page posted: “One day left until 9Lives Arena closed alpha begins! Are you geared up to battle for your 9Lives and sit on the throne? Founder pack 3 and up gets you access.”

The closed alpha is set to last for roughly five months while the team works on scaling the server in preparation for more players to be onboarded as the game transitions into its open alpha phase.

Owners of Founder Pack 3 and above will have access to the closed alpha. The 30 highest-ranked warriors on the leaderboard toward the end of the closed alpha will be invited to the season finale tournament and will be in with a chance of winning the prize pool of $10,000 CDN.

Interested in reading more 9Lives Arena-related news? Discover more about its innovative blueprint mechanic which will let players craft unique aesthetics that can be monetised.

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