Abra secures Simplex partnership to reduce fees on crypto credit card purchases

Crypto-to-stock investment app Abra has partnered with payment processing firm Simplex to reduce credit card fees on crypto purchases throughout July

Global investment app Abra has teamed up with Simplex to reduce credit card fees for those wanting to purchase cryptocurrencies until July 31.

The special offer will reduce fees for investors across the globe to a flat rate of 4%, making it cheaper for retail investors to invest in digital assets.

In February, Coin Rivet reported on the launch of Abra’s app, which allows customers to invest in traditional stocks and ETFs using Bitcoin.

And while the app has been considered a success so far, Abra wants to increase the levels of exposure to cryptocurrencies with today’s partnership with Simplex.

Simplex is a licensed global payments processor that enables merchants to accept credit card payments with 100% guaranteed fraud chargeback protection.

“One of the biggest obstacles for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is the ease of actually buying the cryptocurrency,” said Bill Barhydt, founder and CEO of Abra.

“Our integration with Simplex provides fast and easy access to crypto for users around the world using a credit or debit card. Once purchased, users can start investing in any of the 100 assets on Abra, including popular stocks and ETFs.”

Barhydt’s positive comments were reiterated by Simplex co-founder and CEO Nimrod Lehavi, who according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet, said: “We fully support Abra’s mission of global financial access with its recent launch of stock and ETF investing capabilities.

“We’re excited to offer this promotion to help more investors access this revolutionary new product.”

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