AdsDax achieves 1372 tps on Hedera Hashgraph

AdsDax, Hedera Hashgraph and Zee Entertainment Enterprises join forces to showcase a live, enterprise use case for Distributed Ledger and Blockchain technologies

AdsDax, a decentralised advertising platform and marketplace to create, buy, verify, and sell advertising, has achieved more than 1,300 cryptocurrency transactions per second (TPS) on Hedera Hashgraph’s enterprise grade distributed ledger.

The announcement comes after AdsDax expanded the capacity of its infrastructure and began running large advertising campaigns in partnership with Zee Entertainment, one of India’s largest news networks.

Commenting on the achievement, Ian Mullins, AdsDax CEO, stated: “This record is a huge proof-point for our business model and showcases how AdsDax is leading the way in the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology in advertising. We are one step closer to our goal to pay micro-rewards to consumers for their time, data, and attention whilst surfing the internet.”

He continued: “In reaching over 1300 tps, AdsDax, together with Zee Entertainment and Hedera Hashgraph, have proven we can deliver high throughput adtech and fintech solutions that require automation and data analysis across billions of consumer interactions every month. We reached over 1300tps and neither our platform nor the Hedera network flinched; we have the capacity to go even bigger.”

Working with Hedera Hashgraph, AdsDax has been tracking millions of live events from advertising in real-time, allowing advertisers and publishers to get real-time, consensus verified statistics directly from Hedera.

“Hedera was architected from the beginning to handle high throughput, low latency use cases such as mitigating ad fraud”, said Mance Harmon, CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera. “We are excited that AdsDax was able to prove to Zee Entertainment that the mainnet is ready for the types of high transaction volumes necessary to support their business goals.”

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