Age of Rust to mint more than 80,000 items backed by 300,000 ENJ

The team behind the popular blockchain game has announced it will be creating more than 80,000 new in-game items which will be fully backed by Enjin Coin tokens

Popular blockchain game Age of Rust is set to mint a fresh set of more than 80,000 in-game assets backed by 300,000 Enjin Coin tokens (ENJ).

Age of Rust is an upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure game developed by Washington-based game studio SpacePirate Games. It is one of many games to be set in the Enjin Multiverse, where in-game items can be used between multiple game titles.

The development team recently announced on Twitter: “We will be minting over 80,000 blockchain items backed by 300,000 ENJ (Enjin Coin). They’ll each have a role in our action adventure game, Age of Rust. You’ll explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns, and ruins while solving puzzle rewards.”

What this will likely mean is that each of the 80,000 items minted for the Age of Rust game will be embedded with a certain amount of Enjin Coin to give the assets monetary value. Once found, the assets can then be traded or sold.

Earlier this week, the Age of Rust Twitter account also announced: “We hear ya Enjin community. We know you missed out on our rare and epic cards back in 2017. We reserved a small stock of cards and will sell again soon. Our last sale sold out in less than an hour, so you’ll have to be quick.”

With all the recent news surrounding its blockchain-backed assets, it would seem SpacePirate Games is ramping up the development and marketing of the game ahead of its full release later this year.

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