Akropolis taps Lightstreams for blockchain pension platform

Akropolis, which is building a decentralised pensions protocol, has chosen blockchain-based network Lightstreams to further its development.

Akropolis plans to use Lightstreams’ technology to ensure sensitive pension information can be included in smart contracts while retaining total confidentiality. The two companies will also explore the development of a system that allows income and royalty payments for content producers to be swept into Akropolis’s long-term savings or pensions wallets.

Akropolis is developing a new pensions infrastructure that aims to make funds more secure, transparent and easier to move. It claims savers will never lose touch with their pensions again, which is a common occurrence in Britain and across the world.

Lightstreams’ decentralised authorisation protocol means owners of a smart contract can dynamically grant or revoke permissions to others so that only those they authorise can access the information and execute the smart contracts. Michael Smolenski, CEO and Founder of Lightstreams, says the protocol is specifically designed for the sort of private and confidential data control that is needed in platforms like Akropolis.

“Privacy and security has to be at the heart of the new pensions system,” says Akropolis Founder and CEO Anastasia Andrianova. “By leveraging Lightstreams’ blockchain, sensitive information on our platform will be subject to absolute privacy.”

Lightstreams is currently undertaking a private round which will be closing soon. The next stage in the project’s initial coin offering (ICO) fundraising is a pre-sale round followed by a public sale of token before network launch in the third quarter of 2018.

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