John McAfee goes dark again, claims CIA in pursuit

"I will continue to be dark for the next few days," he says on Twitter

Cyber security pioneer, crypto bull and 2020 US presidential candidate John McAfee is on the move again.

In a tweet on Friday, in which he can be seen brandishing a gun, he claimed that the CIA had attempted to “collect” him and his wife Janice. “We are at sea now…I will continue to be dark for the next few days,” he said.

We’ve been here before, of course. Last month, McAfee said that he was going dark “for at least 48 hours”. This followed on from a series of tweets regarding one of his body doubles, who went missing en route to the Blockchain Cruise event, where he was due to give McAfee’s keynote speech. Yep, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Earlier this year, US authorities indicted McAfee, Janice and four members of his staff for tax fraud. And during May a dramatic statement appeared on social media. “Developing events have made it necessary for John McAfee to go dark,” someone wrote on his Twitter account. “Please be advised that this account will be operated by staff until further notice.”

That was followed by a link to an interview with Newsweek, in which he said: “I’ve seen a lot of shit that people have not seen. I see a world in America that makes me want to cry”.

He added that “we are being lied to by the government from every single corner of the world. The CIA provides [info], which is deceptive, manipulative. The government provides information which is manipulative and deceptive. So if you ask me, for example, what my position is, on anything, how the f*** would I know? Because I don’t have any information that is real.”

Americans, he insisted, need to wake up and understand that they have a corrupt government, a system of slavery, in effect. “I mean we work for three to four to five months every year for the government for free, in terms of paying income taxes. Is that not slavery?”

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