Alpha Sigma Capital invests in derivatives crypto-exchange ACDX

Crypto fund Alpha Sigma Capital has invested in former OKEx COO Andy Cheung's cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, ACDX

Digital asset fund Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) has partnered with ACDX, a new cryptocurrency derivatives exchange founded by former OKEx COO, Andy Cheung.

The company recently completed its private sale and launched a convertible note sale that is accessible on Uniswap.

Following the private sale, ACDX saw increasing demand from its community regarding its governance token ACXT, which prompted the convertible note sale on Uniswap.

ACDX’s highly-anticipated exchange will provide innovative crypto derivatives and structured products, some of which have yet to be introduced to the crypto market despite being commonplace on traditional finance platforms.

There is also plans to continue innovating by releasing new features and products that will allow both retail and institutional investors to manage risk.

ACDX launched in September 2020 and is accessible internationally including Asia, Europe, and South America. The United States will not have access to the exchange at this time.

Andy Cheung, Founder & Executive Chairman, stated: “ACDX plays the role of a catalyst to foster the cryptocurrency industry development. On the cutting edge of financial technology, we innovate new products and create new markets to better connect traders and help grow projects’ communities.”

The cryptocurrency derivatives market has transformed this year with the likes of FTX and ByBit taking on the previously dominant platforms like BitMEX and Deribit.

Enzo Villani, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Sigma Capital, said that the crypto derivatives market has “grown into a multi-billion dollar industry” and that entrepreneurs like Andy Cheung continue to “set the pace” for this emerging market.

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