AltDex to launch industry-first blockchain gaming index

AltDex has announced that it will be providing an index which tracks the performance of blockchain gaming-based projects based on market capitalisation

With the blockchain gaming space growing by the day, AltDex has now announced the launch of its new industry-first blockchain gaming index.

According to a Medium blog post by Tom Stankewicz: “One of the most promising areas for blockchain adoption lies in the video game industry, with tokenised in-game assets representing a groundbreaking shift towards gamers actually owning the fruits of their virtual activities.”

Cryptocurrency indices provider AltDex has been tracking the ever-expanding area and will now be launching an industry-first blockchain gaming index to keep tabs on how projects are performing.

The index will be focused on the coins and tokens of blockchain projects that are directly related to gaming, esports, or other similar decentralised applications (dApps).

In the same announcement, the company revealed which 13 gaming projects will initially be indexed.

The below listing is according to the most recent rankings on AltDex’s website.

  1. Enjin Coin
  2. Theta Token
  3. WAX
  4. Decentraland
  5. Loom Network
  6. Kin
  7. DMarket
  8. MobileGo
  9. Refereum
  10. GameCredits
  11. Unikoin Gold
  12. Plair
  13. BitGuild


According to the website, the rankings are weighted and determined based on market capitalisation – which is averaged from more than 90 exchanges and 22,000 trading pairs.

The weighting is automatically updated every five minutes with each index entry having a starting value of 100.

There is also a brief list outlining which types of projects fall under the “general exclusion criteria”.

AltDex has said the index will not list stablecoins, egregious forks, or well-documented scam coins.

No coins with less than 5% circulating supply or with less than one month of trading history will be indexed either.

Projects such as Ethereum, Tron, and EOS have been excluded as they “would drastically impact the weighting of the index in a way that doesn’t necessarily represent blockchain gaming”.

It remains to be seen whether more projects will be added in the future.

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