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Amazix chooses SpringRole protocol for professional profile verification

"Having worked closely with SpringRole, we are excited to use the service we have helped to build and look forward to the benefits it will bring our employees"

Hong Kong, 17th January 2019 — Amazix, a blockchain advisory firm, announced that it has furthered its partnership with SpringRole, the employee verification specialist. It will use SpringRole to improve its internal processes by being part of a decentralised professional network built on the blockchain.

SpringRole allows users to reliably verify their professional profiles online and provide skill validation through attestation from educational institutions, employers, colleagues, and managers. These features are provided while users maintain complete ownership of their data thanks to blockchain technology and advanced cryptography. Likewise, early adopters of the SpringRole platform will be able to earn SPRING tokens for undertaking various actions, such as responding to messages, endorsing and completing profiles, and logging in daily. The full platform with extensive features will be released in Q2 2019.

Identity verification, skill evaluation, and background attestations are important for a business like Amazix, which employs talent all around the world. Its decision to use SpringRole as one of its main personnel platforms demonstrates the platform’s usefulness and places faith in its reliability. Amazix already provides community management and advisory services to SpringRole and believes this reciprocal partnership will help to drive both businesses forward.

Kenneth Berthelsen, CMO of Amazix, says: “Security, especially when dealing with the digital version of your professional persona, is of utmost importance. SpringRole places trust in blockchain technology, which is all about secure design: immutable, tamper-proof and democratic. Having worked closely with SpringRole, we are excited to use the service we have helped to build and look forward to the benefits it will bring our employees.”

SpringRole Founder Kartik Mandaville comments: “We are delighted to take our partnership with Amazix to the next level, as they adopt the SpringRole protocol. SpringRole promotes trust between people and companies, and we would not have been able to develop our service without the expertise of Amazix. This new phase of our partnership will help the further development of the SpringRole service, as the full platform launches later this year.”

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