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AmaZix teams with Securitize to bring digital securities into spotlight

This affiliation will transform fundraising for blockchain startups, by making digital securities investments faster, easier, and more secure

Hong Kong, 7th November 2018 – AmaZix, a leading community engagement platform, today announces its partnership with Securitize, a compliance platform for primary issuance and lifecycle management of digital securities on the blockchain.

Digital securities are increasingly gaining recognition in the cryptosphere, as investors now demand a method that ensures protection through regulatory compliance. Moreover, digital securities offer enhanced profitability through cost efficiency, higher liquidity of equity, and greater control. The most popular form, Security Token Offerings (STOs), are the next logical evolution for modern investment, transforming the way capital is being raised.

The Securitize open platform is a seamless and compliant integration solution, allowing all securities issued through the platform to be traded on exchanges and marketplaces. It offers both investors and issuers specialised tools to manage their digital securities throughout the entire digital security lifecycle, from initial issuance to trading, distribution, and governance. AmaZix will complement this offering by opening up the digital securities market to its global network of investors.

Carlos Domingo, CEO and Founder at Securitize, said: “We are moving into a future of more cost-efficient ways of raising capital and attracting investment. The programmable nature of digital securities allows stakeholders to do this with more transparency and control. The market is poised for widespread adoption, and this is where our agreement with AmaZix makes sense for us, by introducing value-added services for issuers and investors on a global scale.”

Jonas Karlberg, CEO at AmaZix, said: “This is AmaZix’s latest collaboration in a series of partnerships. Together with Securitize, we are aiming to facilitate the transition of blockchain startup investment – from the current capital raising model of token and coin offerings, to a more efficient, compliant, and programmable structure of digital securities. The flexibility of Securitize’s platform is demonstrated by its rate of adoption, and we are keen to develop this space further with them.”

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