ambrpay top dog at CV Competition for Finance

The venture was founded by Andreas Hauri, a neuroscientist who previously grew brains in a lab

Blockchain startup ambrpay has won a $100,000 first prize at the CV Competition for Finance, an event based in Crypto Valley, Switzerland.

Earlier this year, Andreas Hauri came up with the idea of a solution which enables users of subscription services to pay with cryptocurrencies. He has since gone on to land customers for pilot projects.

“Good luck to Andreas with further scaling the company and we hope to be able to pay for our Netflix and Spotify automatically with cryptocurrencies soon,” says Daniel Rutishauser, Head of Blockchain and Financial Services at Zug- based inacta, one of the co-founders of the CV Summit.

Several financial institutions, universities and industry leaders partnered with the CV Competition for Finance. “The space is growing up. The startups solve real problems and create tangible products to drive blockchain adoption further. We are very proud that ambrpay has won this year’s competition and welcome the team to the Crypto Valley ecosystem,” comments Mathias Ruch, Founder and CEO CV VC.

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