Animoca Brands acquires Gamma to boost gamer audience

The acquisition will include a commercial relationship with gaming hardware manufacturing company Razer, which boasts a customer base of 60 million

A subsidiary of game development company Animoca Brands has acquired Gamma Innovations – conferring to Animoca Brands a commercial relationship with gaming hardware manufacturing giant Razer, which has a customer base of more than 60 million.

Gamma is a Los Angeles-based tech company that is currently focused on developing the GammaNow computing engine, which is a desktop application that enables users to leverage idle computer processing power to generate Gamma points. Gamma points can then be used to acquire in-game rewards.

Gamma recently executed a software license and development agreement with Razer, a leading global lifestyle brand for gamers.

Part of the agreement resulted in Gamma whitelisting its GammaNow computing engine to develop the ‘Razer SoftMiner’ software, which similarly utilises idle processing power to mine for Ethereum, with Gamma collecting 50% of the value of any tokens mined. In return, users receive Razer’s own loyalty credits called Razer Silver.

Razer SoftMiner launched in December 2018 and was immediately integrated into the Razer Central software, which runs across Razer’s user base of more than 60 million.

The announcement states: “The acquisition of Gamma confers to Animoca Brands a commercial relationship with Razer, which represents a potential audience of 60 million users, consisting primarily of gamers.”

The current install base for Gamma’s software is above 700,000 and there are approximately 60,000 daily users of Razer SoftMiner. Gamma will continue to focus on its core competency without being involved in the development of games for Animoca Brands.

The company is also exploring the potential to utilise the computing power generated by GammaNow users to power AI and machine learning functionalities.

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