Animoca Brands appoints world-renowned artist as creative director

The blockchain game development company has announced the appointment of internationally-acclaimed artist Kevin Abosch as its new creative director

Blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands has announced the appointment of world-renowned artist Kevin Abosch as its new creative director, according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

Kevin Abosch is an internationally-acclaimed conceptual artist based in New York City. He produces work in photography, sculpture, installation, and film.

As the creative director of Animoca Brands, Kevin Abosch will provide creative advice and direction to Animoca Brands for upcoming titles ‘The Sandbox’ and ‘F1 Delta Time’.

Animoca Brands will also be seeking Abosch’s guidance on the sales process associated with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other valuable assets. The company will also leverage his established status and market recognition to bolster its own profile.

Abosch is famed for a number of “original, headline-grabbing artworks” such as ‘Potato #345‘ – a photo that was purchased for €1 million in 2015.

He is now working to bridge the gap between art and technology by utilising digital tokens and blockchain.

In January 2018, the artist revealed ‘IAMACOIN’ – an exhibition in which he created 10 million visual artworks in the form of crypto-tokens on the Ethereum blockchain called ‘IAMA’ coins and metaphorically tokenised himself.

In February 2018, he created a single ERC-20 token dubbed ‘Forever Rose’ which lacked any visual presence. It sold to a group of investors for $1 million.

He also collaborated with the world-famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to create two standard ERC-20 tokens called ‘PRICELESS’.

One of the ‘PRICELESS’ tokens will remain unavailable forever, while the second is available to trade and is divisible by up to 18 decimal places – representing a series of moments shared between the two artists.

Kevin Abosch’s work has been showcased at exhibitions globally at venues such as the State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia), The Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Kate Vasse Galerie in Zürich (Switzerland), the National Gallery of Ireland, and the Bogota Museum of Modern Art (Columbia), among others.

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