Sponsored Announcing Metaplaces NFT – Upcoming project on Ethereum

Metaplaces, is a unique Metaverse project providing NFT holders with exclusive virtual properties that have extensive depth and utility.

Contrary to ape JPGs, owners of a Metaplaces NFT will benefit from extensive utilities, some of which will be available right from the date of the reveal:

  • Users will be able to showcase their NFT pictures inside of their Metaplace, which you can test on the Meta-places.io website. This will instantly edit the render of the NFT anywhere, including on Opensea.
  • In a similar manner, users will be able to switch from interior and exterior views, while still showing the NFT collection that was uploaded.
  • Every property will have its own unique URL that users can share to invite people to visit their property in high-definition 3D in the Metaverse. Some will use this to showcase their art, others to invite friends over. There will be the ability to turn links private so only whitelisted people can get in.
  • From the web interface or while visiting their house, users will have the ability to customize the texture and color of their interior and furniture in real-time. However, the architectural layers are unique to the NFT and can’t be modified.
  • Later on, we will be introducing exciting features for the houses, including custom avatars for visitors, interactions with many objects including the fireplace, TV and Music so you can watch shows and listen to music together with your friends!
  • There are many more features. For more information, check our roadmap on our website.

How are Metaplaces properties unique?

Each Metaplaces property is composed of 9 unique characteristics which, combined, can amount to more than 6,000,000 unique potential combinations:

  • Property Type: Genesis, Legendary and Generic
  • Sky properties: Clear, Cloudy sundown, Aurora, …
  • Environment: Distant mountains, Urban, Tropical view, …
  • Yard: Summer Lawn, Wooden deck, Concrete, …
  • Swimming pool: No pool, Turquoise Infinity pool, Azure Long pool, …
  • Façade: Carrara marble, Onyx Black, Gold, …
  • Exterior Columns: Silver White, Onyx Black, Chrome, …
  • Interior walls: Pine Wood, Aged wood, Nero Portoro, …
  • Car model and colour: Black SUV, Violet Convertible, Dark coupé, …

Our project will be as frictionless as private. We won’t ask for nor store any personal information. People will be able to visit your Metaplace simply by following your URL, without any sort of login. If you activate the private feature, we will require a login with Metamask.

We are working hard on creating a high-definition virtual visit component, unlike most current projects that are running on old-gen graphic engines. It will run smoothly on most modern devices, including laptops and mobile phones!

We can’t wait to tell you more about our project. But for now, we want you to know how committed we are in delivering the features listed on our project’s roadmap, as well as the many future features that haven’t been revealed yet.

To find out more about Metaplaces, visit our discord where you can ask us any questions that you have in mind.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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