ANON 2020 hailed a success after drawing thousands of attendees

Austria-based blockchain summit ANON 2020 has been hailed as a huge success with more than 8,500 registered attendees from 143 countries

ANON Summit 2020 has just wrapped up a successful two-day online blockchain event, having fulfilled BlockExpo’s promise of recreating the offline conference experience in a completely digital setting.

The online event attracted over 8,500 registered attendees, with more 1,000 logged in simultaneously during the morning hours each day.

Throughout both days, an engaged crowd virtually attended keynote speeches and panels, as well as visiting the expo floor and taking part in sessions. ANON provided a novel form of networking via random video chats, which proved so popular with attendees that the event kept them running even after the main stage events had wrapped up.

Attendees hailed from 143 countries to demonstrate how far reaching and global blockchain technology has become.

“The blockchain community was hungry for an event that would be both educational and social,” said Michael Beches, Co-founder of BlockExpo. “We’re happy to have been able to create an online conference that was more than just a stream, something that allowed people to really interact and engage with the content and the presenters.”

As a result of Austria’s commendable response to the coronavirus pandemic the ANON team was able to broadcast the event from the same venue that was used last year, with 20 members of staff involved in the production of the event.

“It was a great experience working with BlockExpo to bring this event to life,” said Cointelligence CEO On Yavin, who co-produced the event. “They were really dedicated to making ANON 2020 a success, and to giving the community an event worth attending.”

If you missed the event you can catch up on the videos at ANON’s YouTube page.

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