Apple bans cryptomining to ‘protect your battery’

Apple has banned cryptomining on iPhones and iPads and prohibited developers from creating apps that take a toll on batteries, generate heat or place an unnecessary strain on devices.

The tech giant says its sole objective behind the ban is to protect the mobile devices from dodgy cryptomining malware. However, other cryptocurrency activies will not be prohibited, such as using them to store cryptowallets as long as they are offered by developers registered as an organisation. And mining can take place during an off-device setting, such as cloud-based mining.

“Apps may also facilitate transactions or transmissions of cryptocurrencies on approved exchanges, povided are offered by the exchanges themselves,” the US company says.

The move comes amid increasing news of hackers using shady apps to “hijack” mobile devices to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the background. For years, hackers have been using cryptocurrency mining malware to sneak into Android apps.

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