Apple launches new crypto developer tools for iOS

US technology giant Apple has unveiled a new framework for native cryptographic encryption in its latest mobile software release

At its recent Worldwide Developers Conference, US technology titan Apple revealed a new encryption framework that will be included in its latest iOS 13 software release.

Called CryptoKit, the framework allows developers to “perform cryptographic operations securely and efficiently” in iOS applications.

Swift framework

Frederic Jacobs, a member of Apple’s CoreOS security team, said that the new framework will include a “fast and secure Swift API to perform cryptographic operations”.

The Swift API makes it easier and safer to perform cryptographic operations. It can be used to either compute a simple hash function or implement more “advanced authentication protocols”.

The leading mobile manufacturer added that the “system frameworks encrypt both data at rest and data in transit in a transparent way”.

Developers will also be able to “use CryptoKit to carry out operations like hashing, key generation, and encryption” for their iOS applications.

iPhones still can’t be used as hardware wallets

Despite the new release, blockchain developer Ronald Mannak claimed that “your iPhone will not be a hardware wallet anytime soon”.

He said: “Apple already had a cryptography framework called CommonCrypto that did many of the things CryptoKit does. CryptoKit is Swift-friendly and contains more hash functionality, like support for SHA256.

“CryptoKit is good news for Swift developers, but it’s not the game changer people in the Ethereum community would like it to be.”

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