Apple orders Coinbase to pull War Riders from App Store

The tech giant continues its tough stance on blockchain games

Apple has ordered Coinbase to remove the crypto collectible game War Riders from its iOS wallet’s listing after it enabled native support for the game’s NFT (non-fungible token).

According to its Twitter bio, War Riders is “a strategy game in an apocalyptic world, your mission is to mine crypto and blow up your enemies. We are the first decentralised MMO crypto mining game”. 

Apple has had a rocky relationship with crypto in its App Store. Coinbase was itself removed at one point. SaruTobi was temporarily yanked, whilst Viktor Radchenko, CEO of Trust Wallet, recently tweeted about the same problem.

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder Steve Wozniak is, however, a huge Bitcoin fan who recently became a part of crypto startup Equi Capital. “Our approach is not like a new currency, or something phony where an event will make it go up in value. It’s a share of stock, in a company,” he said in a recent interview with Null TX.

“This company is doing investment by investors with huge track records in good investments in things like apartment buildings in Dubai. We have one person in our group who has listed out a whole apartment building for Bitcoin… We might be starting up in Malta around the time of their blockchain conference. Some countries are very positive about [blockchain] the same way they were about electric vehicles.”

Bitcoin rules

Elsewhere, Wozniak discussed his fascination with Bitcoin. “I like to keep up with things… Bitcoin caught my attention. It had so many unusual aspects for any technology I had ever heard of,” he said.

“Nobody is really known to be the creator. It doesn’t have any centralised [component]. It’s based on mathematics. There’s a certain number of Bitcoin that can ever exist… Mathematics to me is like nature. It’s much better than human beings… I trust those things of nature more than what man makes up. Man makes up currencies, controls them, issues new US dollars every year; Bitcoin is immune to that.”

He initially struggled to get his head around blockchain technology, but now has high hopes for it. “It’s not something you understand in a day. You think about it, read more about it and how it works, and then you see how people actually start to use it, through the mining process and also the verification and, aha! It all adds up!”

He added: “It’s so independent. It’s kind of like the internet when it was brand new… I was amazed at the technology behind it. People start up companies that do other things in life. I’ve encountered people working in real estate avenues, types of Uber systems, everything we’ve got in our life, especially involving transactions – retail sales, car sales, manufacturing of goods… working on Bitcoin applications… and they all have value. Every single one you hear about, to me, has value…. A few people can see the value, which reminds me very much of the early internet days.”

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