Arena Match launches legendary items pre-sale powered by Enjin

Arena Match, an eSports betting platform based on skill, has announced a pre-sale for five new legendary items

Arena Match – a skill-based eSports gaming app that allows players to bet and compete in challenges and battle royales – has launched a legendary item pre-sale powered by Enjin, according to a recent Medium blog post.

The announcement post states the platform has adopted Enjin’s blockchain software development kit (SDK) to mint specific perk items that will grant players certain advantages while playing.

Arena Match’s beta still hasn’t been released, but it is expected to launch soon. The skill challenge mode will initially be launched with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG).

The current skill perks to be launched with PUBG include reducing the difficulty of a challenge, increasing the payout of a challenge, and giving players a second chance using the in-game first aid consumable. Each perk slot can only contain one unique item.

The announcement also stipulates that Arena Match is exploring multiple Enjin Multiverse partnerships.

Five new legendary skill perks have been announced that have unlimited use with Arena Match’s eSports app. Each skill perk is backed by 100 Enjin coins as an ERC-1155 blockchain asset. There will also be common single-use consumable versions of these items available on the online store in the future.

Arena Match will also be minting 100 limited edition founder’s badges, which will unlock a special in-app avatar and lifetime access with a 10% discount on all Arena Match products.

The first legendary skill perk item is a helmet for PUBG which reduces the kill requirement in challenges by one. So, for example, if a challenge requires five kills, the player would only need to reach four kills to win.

The second perk is a backpack which gives players a total of three open perk slots rather than the two standard perk slots they begin with.

The third perk is a piece of armour for PUBG which effectively gives players an extra life, while the fourth perk is a frying pan which grants players a 0.25% increase on their payout odds.

The final perk is a first aid pack which grants players a second chance at completing their skill challenge if they happen to die within the first two minutes of gameplay.

Each perk item created is backed by Enjin to guarantee value and scarcity.

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