Argentina gets Buenos crypto coin

Buenos is part of Online Blockchain’s strategy to target emerging markets worldwide where cryptocurrencies are gaining ground.

UK venture, Online Blockchain, has launched Buenos in Argentina.

This follows on from the introduction of a crypto coin for neighbouring Brazil. Buenos coins can be mined by anyone with a PC or smartphone at a 0% mining fee and managed via the Buenos Wallet. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency has a mining cap at 500,000,000 coins, in a bid to keep valuation and exchange rates stable.

Online Blockchain is planning to build up different applications on the coin as the market and the network becomes established. The company has pre-mined 20% of coins, which are directed into further development to ensure a full infrastructure for the initiative. Buenos is listed on Argentinian cryptocurrency exchange SouthXchange.

More than a cryptocurrency

CEO of Online Blockchain, Clem Chambers, comments: “There’s plenty of potential for Buenos to succeed and become an important financial tool for the people of Argentina. Buenos is more than a cryptocurrency; it has been developed with a view to functioning as a second local coin in the long run. We think globally but act locally.”

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