Artist Jonas Quant launches Sweden’s first NFT

Swedish artist Jonas Quant is releasing Sweden's first NFT on Friday via an auction that will take place over the course of 48 hours

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) fever has reached Scandinavia, with Swedish artist and producer Jonas Quant announcing the launch of his first NFT, dubbed DreamFNG.

The project is also backed by music industry pioneer, Joel Borg, and prominent crowdfunder, Daniel Daboczy.

The auction for the DreamFNG artwork auction begins today, on March 26, with it remaining open for 48 hours.

“DreamFNG defies the expectations of traditional art. It doesn’t have defined start, end, or scope,” said Jonas Quant.

“I look forward to sharing my vision of DreamFNG with the winner of this NFT auction.”

NFTs have risen to prominence since the turn of the year amidst mounting retail mania. Beeple sold an NFT for a groundbreaking $70 million earlier this month.

“As NFTs surge in popularity, they’re creating a new way for artists to showcase their work and for consumers to get involved like never before,” said crowdfunding entrepreneur Daniel Daboczy, CEO of Technicorum Group.

“We are pleased to support Quant’s innovative DreamFNG launch and will continue to provide new ways for people to explore and collect NFTs through KingSwap and other platforms.”

The auction is also being powered by KingSwap, a platform that delivers high-yield liquidity along with staking rewards, digital collectibles and fiat conversions.

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