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Asia Blockchain Week 2018: Blockchain2Energy

Blockchain2Energy emphasises blockchain applications for clean energy

The Blockchain2Energy Asia 2018 conference, organized by Solarplaza and Vertech Capital at Suntec Singapore on the 27th November 2018, gathered over 70 industry stakeholders.

It’s aim was to promote blockchain innovation in the energy and utility space, with a focus on how the technology can accelerate Asia’s energy transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy systems.

The event served as a platform to bring together insights from energy markets around Asia Pacific with Singapore as the hub.

This event marked the launch of Solarplaza’s Bockchain2Energy series in Asia following a successful conference in Amsterdam in February 2018. Blockchain2Energy Asia brought together stakeholders including utilities, startups, and investors to discuss the potential of blockchain innovation in energy to redefine the global economy and address problems including energy poverty and the democratization of energy generation. Use cases of various energy blockchain projects set up the dialogue about the evolving role of utilities within the Asian energy landscape, regulatory hurdles and opportunities, and the role of blockchain in a new digital grid.

“Blockchain2Energy Asia marks the start of a new industry in Asia. With vast new opportunities created by the plummeting costs of renewables and the deregulation of many energy markets, blockchain is set to be a foundational technology in Asia,” said Leoncio Montemayor, Project Manager at Solarplaza. “And best of all, this is already happening, as evidenced by the use cases presented by some of the leading players in the region at the conference.”

Several energy-blockchain applications were featured during the conference, such as peer-to-peer energy trading, renewable energy credits (REC) marketplace, and new channels to finance renewable energy projects.

The event was also attended by regulators and utilities from countries including Singapore, Thailand, Japan and New Zealand to discuss results and opportunities from projects around the region piloting energy blockchain applications.

“Blockchain2Energy Asia comes at a crucial time when many energy markets in APAC are opening up to support clean energy suppliers and the rise of prosumers.” commented Sheryl Foo, Director of Vertech Capital. “As Vertech works with a range of stakeholders for energy innovation including utilities, investors, and start-ups, such conferences are important to support the ongoing dialogue on blockchain’s various applications as well as enable cross-border learning and collaboration.”

Event Organizers

Based in the Netherlands, Solarplaza is a global knowledge platform and convener of renewable energy based in the Netherlands and has organized similar events in Europe, North America, and Latin America. Solarplaza organizes international high-level conferences and exploratory trade missions in both established and emerging markets across the globe. With a track-record spanning five continents, over thirty countries, fifty cities, and a total of over one hundred events, Solarplaza is a pioneering industry inspirer.

Singapore-based Vertech Capital is the local organizer of the Blockchain2Energy Asia 2018 conference. Committed to building an intelligent and resilient energy ecosystem through blockchain innovation, Vertech collaborates with energy companies across Asia and Europe to unlock the full, transformative value of blockchain through technology advisory, product commercialization, and strategic marketing. Focusing on disruptive innovation, Vertech achieves top-line growth for organizations and companies.

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