Aspire Technology launches its first ‘truly secure’ public blockchain

Aspire Technology has launched its highly-anticipated mainnet that will focus on mitigating the risks against 51 percent and miner attacks

Digital asset creation developer Aspire Technologies has launched the mainnet of its first-of-a-kind creation technology, Aspire.

The Aspire platform consists of the Aspire (ASP), which is currently only available through its airdrop campaign, with the first 10,000 users receiving sufficient Aspire and Aspire Gas (GASP) to create one complete digital asset.

The platform is an improvement upon the standard Counterparty open-source code with an automated checkpoint server to prevent 51 percent attacks that that ravaged Ethereum Classic earlier this month.

Aspire is also not subject to miner attacks, as recently happened to top 100 token Ravencoin, where an attack that exploited a weakness in the mining algorithm allowed for hackers to create and then steal nearly $6 million of Ravencoin by artificially expanding the block reward.  Many other platforms have suffered one of these two common exploits that Aspire is immune from; even bitcoin can theoretically be 51 percent attacked, but it would cost an extraordinary amount of energy to pull off.

“As we move into the second decade of cryptocurrency, there is still no easy solution for non-technical or technical users to create and customize a digital asset quickly and put it on a highly secure blockchain,” said Jim Blasko, CEO and co-founder of Aspire Technology and core developer of the Aspire platform.

He added: “Aspire solves this problem, and the Aspire Gas blockchain that it is teamed with solves the problem of excessive fees and slow throughput on most major blockchains. We believe Aspire is poised to be a leading creator of digital assets globally.”

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