Atari Chain seeks “massive adoption” following move to Fantom network

The move will see the Atari Chain team use Fantom’s "superfast" DeFi platforms to allow users to trade, stake, and play games with ATRI tokens.

Legendary game developer Atari has announced it will now officially operate on the Fantom blockchain.

The move will see Atari Chain’s native decentralised token – ATRI – ported over to the network. The token is integral to Atari’s plans of bringing decentralised games native to Fantom and deploying a new dex on the network over the coming months.

Atari Chain noted the game developer was “rapidly improving its services to become the interactive entertainment industry’s key crypto company”,  with the move to Fantom and a spate of initiatives on the network being implemented to make DeFi and GameFi “accessible and affordable for all people in the industry”.

Previously, ATRI and the Atari Chain operated on the Ethereum network, which introduced a number of burdens to their ambitions.

Atari said the appeal of instant transactions, minimal gas fees and better scalability options prompted the move over to Fantom, noting that “Atari Token and its dApps can almost instantly improve their performance and costs” on the network.

Additionally, Atari hopes the lower transaction fees and instant speeds available through Fantom will attract more DeFi users to the platform.

According to the announcement, approximately 20% of ATRI token’s liquidity has been moved to Fantom’s DeFi platforms,  with trading available on major Fantom Dexes including SpiritSwap and ZooCoin.

Recent developments on Fantom

Atari’s move to Fantom comes after the Fantom Foundation announced a $314m incentive program for developers to build projects on the network and its recent integration of ChainLink oracles to further the security offered through its DeFi protocols.

Famed crypto developer and software architect Andre Cronje has contributed greatly to the recent growth of Fantom and remains a key voice in the Fantom community. Cronje shared two recent developments for Fantom, the first being an NFT platform that will offer users “zero % based fees on sales”.

The second development revealed by Cronje was the advent of an ERC-21 NFT bridge from ETH-FTM. Operated by AnySwap, the bridge will allow NFT owners on the Etheruem blockchain to bridge their NFTs over to the Fantom network, and vice versa.

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