Articles By Sheba Karamat

Sheba has 20 years’ experience in growing and running recruitment businesses, placing executives with financial and digital tech backgrounds into organisations such as Disney, Aviva, BBC, Barclays, News UK and Penguin Random House. Heavily involved in the sale of her previous recruitment business to James Caan CBE, the Dragons Den entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Coin Rivet and mother to four amazing children.

Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

In what has become a somewhat fragmented ecosystem of fork platforms since Bitcoin first entered the scene in 2009, multi cryptocurrency payment gateways represent a more direct payment platform...

By - May 29, 2018

A guide to ICOs

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Our ICO guide includes top tips about researching an offer, where to invest, how to invest and how to avoid scams. An ICO...

By - May 29, 2018

How to analyse ICOs

It’s important to analyse ICOs before you invest so that you can identify the best opportunities. As an investor, you will be looking for a return on investment (ROI)...

By - May 29, 2018

What rights do buyers of tokens have?

What are your buying rights?  Buyers of tokens don’t have many rights, unfortunately. Traditional investors may be used to seeing an extensive list of rights and opportunities afforded to...

By - May 29, 2018

How does an ICO work?

The ICO  (initial coin offering) is a totally transformative way of fundraising. Its unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and the revolutionary blockchain technology driving this new way of...

By - May 29, 2018