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Automata Network launches official mainnet

The company also announced its $20 million Ecosystem Incentive Program today

After three years of collaborations with industry leaders, the Automata Network has taken the next step in its promising future.

Today, Automata launched its Mainnet as well as a $20m Automata Ecosystem Incentive Program.

The Automata Network is a decentralised service protocol that provides middleware services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve traceless privacy, high assurance, and frictionless computation.

The launch of its mainnet will allow for more functionalities to be unlocked, including external integrations of community-maintained nodes, onboarding the first wave of Automata-developed middleware services, and the eventual upgrade to Nominated Proof of Stake consensus before fully decentralised governance begins

Deli Gong, co-founder at Automata Network, spoke of his pride to put privacy first in a cryptocurrency industry that desperately requires it.

“In a way to be expected, crypto has shaped and incentivised finance around the strength of communities, but for this human coordination to scale, privacy is sorely needed,” he said.

“With the rollout of our Mainnet and the launch of the Automata Ecosystem Incentive Program, we’re proud to support DeFi with the privacy it so deserves to truly bring it into the Web 3.0 layer.” 

The ecosystem incentive program will focus on a full range of new solutions, applications, and business models emerging at the intersection of privacy and decentralized finance as well as working with projects to provide support across milestone funding, technical mentoring, and marketing outreach.



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