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B21 announces strategic partnership with OKCoin for trade execution

"We have teamed with OKCoin due to its solid reputation for secure, compliant and fast execution capabilities"

GIBRALTAR AND SAN FRANCISCO—27th September 2018— B21, the first mobile-focused personal wealth manager exclusively for cryptoassets, has today announced the establishment of an approved enterprise trading account with OKCoin, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges. The B21 and OKCoin partnership agreement will expand the portfolio of currency pairs available on the B21 platform and enhance order execution and price discovery capabilities across exchanges, directly benefiting clients.

“Of the world-wide exchanges serving crypto-investors, we have teamed with OKCoin due to its solid reputation for secure, compliant and fast execution capabilities,” says Miles Paschini, Co-founder of B21. “B21 promises safe and diverse crypto fund management and requires the utmost trustworthiness of its product partners, such as OKCoin, to deliver to the tailored goals of B21 investors.”

The collaboration with OKCoin will be integral to B21, a full-service investment platform that takes the complexity out of crypto investing. B21 will enable investors, whether sophisticated or non-technical investors, to create a diverse portfolio of cryptoassets, including top tokens and altcoins voted on by the B21 community. Much like traditional fiat investing apps and services, B21 will allow users to set goals, contribute funds, and track progress through an easy-to-understand dashboard.

“OKCoin is delighted to partner with B21 to make digital asset trading safer, faster and easier than ever before,” says Jason Lau, COO of OKCoin. “As the crypto community continues to build its presence and influence, it’s the innovators of products such as B21 that will lead traditional and lay investors safely to the vanguard of the digital economy.”

B21 has applied for a custodial licence to comply with governmental regulations covering protection of customer assets, segregation of customer and company funds, maintaining robust and accurate transaction records, and cold storage of customer funds. By acting as a custodian, B21 eliminates the need for people to hold their own private keys. The company’s full data will be published transparently on the EOS blockchain.

B21’s eponymous token will be used as the only form of settlement between the B21 platform and users within the B21 ecosystem. The token will be used by investors to settle fees, and to incentivize and reward referrals to and engagement with the platform as well as a method to qualify for premium services. The B21 token is currently available in private pre-sale.

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