BCH has a right to be worried with BCHSV catching up

As BCH continues to stumble, BCHSV is too close for comfort

Whilst r/btc continues to spout conspiracy theories and ideas that they only need to play the waiting game until BCH becomes number one, they must be fearful of BCHSV getting so close to their price. I would be, if I were them.

At the time of writing, BCHSV are only $13 behind the main BCH chain. Should BCHSV flip BCH, then alarm bells will begin to ring. There are issues in this debate that must be noted, though. Both Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre managed to stockpile a vast amount of BCH. This was when they were still on friendly terms with Roger Ver. Despite the breakdown in their relationship, it must be remembered that for a year, BCH used both Wright and Ayre as mouthpieces for the BCH chain. Appearances at conferences and talk about BCH being the true Bitcoin were common.

Possible reasons for the BCH/BCHSV flip

With such large stockpiles, this could mean that both Ayre and Wright could be selling their BCH bags whilst purchasing more BCHSV. Not only would this put downward pressure on BCH, but it would also boost the price of BCHSV. Whilst the hash war has died down, the battle over price is just beginning to heat up. On the other side of this, both Ver and Jihan Wu will have huge stockpiles of the BCHSV chain that they will have received from the hard fork.

What Ver and Wu have been doing with these coins is unknown. Theoretically, Ver and Wu could be playing the long game and waiting for the right time to dump the BCHSV chain. This is all guesswork, admittedly. Only those involved know exactly what game they’re playing. With that being said, the psychological momentum that a flippening could cause shouldn’t be underestimated. BCH struggled in reality to get anywhere near flipping the original BTC chain.

Sitting back and watching this show is rather enjoyable if you have no interest in either chains. Whilst fans of BCHSV are probably getting giddy with excitement, BCH fans, despite their noise, must be sweating underneath. The splitting of the two camps ultimately appears to have weakened both sides at the end of the day.

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