Being brave and positive in the crypto community

In recent weeks, I've highlighted some negative aspects of the crypto community, but there is also a positive side if you put yourself out there

If you’ve had a glance at my recent articles, you may have seen that I’ve highlighted some of the negative aspects that are endemic throughout the crypto community. However, there is also a vibrant, positive, and friendly side if you know where to look.

My experience

Since starting work at Coin Rivet, I’ve reached out to many people involved in various aspects of cryptocurrencies. Whether this be over email or Twitter, I’ve spoken to day traders, developers, and industry insiders. At MJAC, I managed to meet many new people face to face. The response has been massively positive. Many of the people I’ve spoken to are mini-celebrities who I’ve known for a few years now, stalking (not in a bad way) them as I used to do online.

I imagine that they’re often asked for interviews or their opinions, so I was a little bit intrepid at the thought of being another pesky spammer in their mailbox. Yet the responses I have received have always been friendly. Even in the cases where they reject my overtures, they make sure to clearly point out it isn’t because they don’t want to partake in an interview or such like, but rather they just don’t have the time.

With this being the case, I urge you – whether new to the space or a crypto veteran – to come and join us. Interact and get to know everyone in the community. Most likely, if the person you’re speaking to is a negative nanny, then they are probably a rotten egg. It’s probably wise not to just spam and ask “wen moon”. If you’re looking for educational insight, then say so in a legitimate manner.

There are of course aspects of negativity in the space. For example, I was called “a virgin” the other day through Twitter, which gave me a good chuckle. But such trolls are a waste of time. There are idiots in all aspects of society, and in crypto that is no different.

As long as you’re friendly and are here to learn and have fun, then the crypto community will welcome you with open arms. I think.

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