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Big hitters back CRM/CDP venture Cere Network

After graduating from Binance Labs, Cere Network wins investor confidence to launch the world’s first decentralised CRM ecosystem

3rd July 2019 – Cere Network has received strategic funding from Binance Labs, Arrington XRP Capital and NEO Global Capital to launch the world’s first blockchain Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) ecosystem.

The Cere Network solution unlocks customer data trapped within existing monolithic and disparate CRM/CDP systems by capturing the entire customer journey on the blockchain and providing an open microservices platform for secure data collaboration and integration between businesses and vendors.

According to Gartner, CRM remains the largest and fastest growing software category. However, most customer data is siloed and fragmented across multiple CRM systems. “Today’s incumbents are not only expensive and inefficient, but it’s also difficult for businesses to extract clear customer insights across disparate CRM systems,” says Fred Jin, co-founder and CEO of Cere Network.

“Our mission with Cere Network is to leverage blockchain to empower businesses to have control over their own data and unlock the potential of collaborative microservices on top of the un-siloed user data.”

Cere Network’s technology captures user activity data which is then stored onto a secure and decentralised system integrated with Cere blockchain and can be accessed by businesses or vendors using permissioned proxy keys via Cere’s microservices platform. Cere’s ecosystem will not only facilitate the ability to execute secure user data sharing and direct user acquisition between businesses and brands but provides unprecedented collaboration potential and extensibility on top of sharable encrypted customer datasets for the first time.

“An on-demand, crowdsourced marketplace is the ultimate solution for businesses to acquire better customer insights and Cere is leveraging blockchain technology to build out this data sharing ecosystem,” says Michael Arrington, Founder of TechCrunch, and partner at Arrington XRP Capital. “We are confident that Cere can become the premier blockchain CRM ecosystem platform for seamlessly integrating brand, application, and user data.”

Cere’s tokens (CERE) will be used by all participants of the marketplace to provide and to pay for services within the ecosystem, as well as serving as an economic incentive for running blockchain network nodes and data nodes.

“The Cere Network team has made tremendous progress in a short period of time,” says Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs. “With growing interest from investors and a number of integrations already in progress, Cere Network is proving to become one of the first major on-ramps for brands, apps, and other enterprise assets onto the blockchain. We look forward to working closely with Cere to build this ecosystem and will have more news to share about its integration with Binance Chain soon.”

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