Bigger blocks incoming for Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV protocol will look to eventually mine 2 GB blocks, according to a 12-month roadmap leak from Calvin Ayre

If all the SV blocks are released at this size, then you would need a hefty 100 TB+ hard drive to store each year’s worth of SV blocks (if attempting to run full node).

Scaling on chain

The roadmap leak comes on the back of SV mining a 64MB block; this is the world’s largest ever on a public blockchain. The block was mined by CoinGeek Mining, during an on-going stress test of the BCH network. Just one hour before, a 38MB block was mined by SVPool.

That held the record for largest block mined on a public blockchain until the 64 MB dwarfed it.

nChain released its current Bitcoin SV Full Node Implementation back on 16th August. It stated that it would look to “raise the maximum block size to 128 MB”. With Ayre’s most recent comments the move to 2GB would encompass another 15x increase.

Bitcoin SV lifted its default maximum block size to 128MB from the prior 32MB; that opened the door to the record-breaking 64MB and 38MB blocks. In contrast, Bitcoin ABC has kept its default block cap at 32MB, and is taking a slower scaling approach.

Cash Pay support

Cash Pay is the company behind the ‘Order Anything service’, enabling people to order at online stores and pay with Bitcoin Cash (or Bitcoin SV now)

It gave its support to the SV client after accusing the ABC fork of “introducing centralisation and security risks during this war”, adding that it was “going with stable money; Satoshi’s Vision”. Although we’re not sure if by stable they are talking about the blockchain or the price. Bitcoin SV is down 34% in price to $56 (over the last 24 hours).

Bitcoin SV has already had some issues with network propagation of blocks that lead to 2 block re-org at block 557301. It was not deemed by Bitmex research to be a malicious re-org attack (we have already witnessed a high number of orphaned blocks for the SV chai)..

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