Bitcoin advertised on French national TV

Crypto company Keplerk is currently running Bitcoin adverts on French national TV channels multiple times a day

French national broadcasting channels are currently airing Bitcoin adverts multiple times a day.

The ads, which are promoting the services of crypto company Keplerk, were first spotted on French national TV channel TF1.

Keplerk announced earlier this year that it would be facilitating the purchase of BTC through local tobacco shops across the country.

The company’s goal is to make the purchase of Bitcoin as simple as buying a lottery ticket.

The advert is short at around 18 seconds long, but according to viewers, it is being shown numerous times throughout the day between a number of popular programmes.

Keplerk facilitates the sale of Bitcoin in local shops in France. Citizens can buy vouchers at physical locations such as tobacconists and convenience stores, which can then be redeemed for BTC in the buyer’s mobile cryptocurrency wallet.

Vouchers are available in 50, 100, and 250 euro denominations. However, they come with a rather steep fee of 5.5%.

The news highlights a growing trend after Bitcoin also found its way onto the front page of a state-run newspaper in China, giving the digital asset free exposure to millions.

Despite the recent market turmoil, it would seem that more and more countries are becoming comfortable with the idea of cryptocurrency, even if it isn’t quite ready for mainstream adoption.

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