Bitcoin Cash price & analysis (BCH to USD): 20th July 2018

This regular column is part of our cryptocurrency analysis and features the Bitcoin Cash price plus daily, weekly and monthly Bitcoin Cash price movements. We analyse the Bitcoin Cash price against US dollars (BCH to USD).

One of the founding principles of Coin Rivet is to promote understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Part of that understanding is looking at pricing trends for cryptocurrencies. This column is a regular analysis of the Bitcoin Cash price (BCH to USD). We compare against the US dollar for ease of comparison (all our cryptocurrency analysis will put values in the US dollar equivalent).

In discussing cryptocurrency prices, we are not recommending a coin neither are we recommending that you should invest in one. In fact, the more you learn and study the more you will realise that cryptocurrency prices fluctuate a lot and can be volatile. As we all know the value of investments can go up as well as down. In the case of cryptocurrencies that can be a lot – in both directions.

Bitcoin Cash daily price 20th July 2018, 17.42 (GMT)

A good week to be a Bitcoin Cash holder. Today has seen a fall but this follows a positive week. A big weekly gain sees BCH green for the month at time of writing.

Price: US$ 810.46

Daily: -4.31%

Weekly: 15.37%

Monthly: 8.21%

About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was born out of the idea of making Bitcoin more practical for small day-to-day payments. In May 2017, Bitcoin payments took about four days unless a fee was paid which was proportionately too large for small transactions. A change to the code was implemented and Bitcoin Cash was born on 1st August 2017.Bitcoin Cash was launched in 2012 to facilitate secure, instant global transactions supporting tokens representing fiat currency, cryptocurrency or any unit of value.

Our regular article lists The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies.

If you would like to find out more about Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies, then some of the information and links to other articles, news stories and guides on our site will be useful. As a starter here is a selection of some of the Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrency related material available on our site:

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin added to Robinhood Crypto

FinTech venture Robinhood has added Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to its Robinhood Crypto digital asset trading app.

“Since we launched Robinhood Crypto in February, our customers have voiced interest in buying and selling other cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. We’re happy to share that starting today, you can buy and sell Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, commission-free,” the company says in a blog post.

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Cryptocurrency Predictions Report puts faith in TRON

TRON is set to experience the greatest growth out of the top cryptocurrency coins by the end of month, rising 207% to US$0.120 (£0.091) by 1st August. That’s according to price comparison site’s Cryptocurrency Predictions Survey.

Comparing the forecast market capitalisations for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum – the only three of the 13 coins with reported number of coins available – the former is predicted to see the highest growth by the end of the year (155%). This is followed by Ethereum, with a 112% increase, and Bitcoin Cash, with an increase of 97%.

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Yeoman’s Capital throws weight behind CoinText

CoinText has closed a round of $600,000 in Bitcoin Cash seed funding led by Yeoman’s Capital.

The venture enables people with text-enabled phones to send Bitcoin Cash. It launched its English language beta in March 2018 and is active in eight countries: the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Cryptocurrency regulations a welcome step

From the success of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market has been flooded with fake cryptocurrencies and scammers looking to take advantage of the eagerness of would be investors. This is highly likely one of the reasons why there are so many misconceptions about cryptocurrencies and why some traders have a hard time investing. With regulations being planned and a new taskforce being established in the UK to analyse the risks and rewards involved, this is a welcome step for both traders and the companies that should see trust in the asset class grow.

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How to invest in cryptocurrencies

Now that the wild roller coaster of cryptocurrencies seems to have calmed down, the entry points for potential new investors are much more accessible. For those who felt like they missed the boat when prices shot up in late 2017, that means it’s a new opportunity to get into an exciting market.We won’t recommend any particular investments, but we will give you the two pillars necessary to set up a responsible strategy to invest in cryptocurrencies in a way that protects you from merely going along with the crowd or following a bot’s “recommendation” on Twitter because you don’t know any better.

Read the full guide on this link.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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