Bitcoin prize-giving

Bitcoin winner Mark Kenny receives his prize from Coin Rivet CEO Sheba Karamat, and tells us what he plans to do with his winnings...

Bitcoin winner Mark Kenny has received his BTC from Coin Rivet CEO Sheba Karamat in a live transaction that took less than a second.

The 51-year-old came to Coin Rivet’s HQ from his home in Devon for the handing over ceremony where he told us he was excited about winning the UK’s first Bitcoin prize draw.

“It’s hit me by surprise,” Mark said.

“I entered the competition not thinking anything really, and then I was very surprised to win.

“I’ve never really won anything in my life – apart from a bottle of pink pomagne!”

Mark was introduced to cryptocurrency by a work colleague more than a year ago, and has dabbled in the markets a little while trying to build a portfolio.

“I’m not going to cash it all in, I’m going to invest quite a bit of it into other opportunities,” he added.

“I’ll spend a little bit, but I won’t say too much because the children will probably want things!”

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