Bitcoin set to go up in smoke in France

Tobacconists in the country are gearing up to sell Bitcoin to the public

As of January, French tobacco retailers will be offering Bitcoin vouchers in denominations of 50, 100 or 250 euros, according to radio station Europe 1.

This is the result of Keplerk inking a deal with a cash register software provider. The startup will allow customers to convert their vouchers into Bitcoin and store it in wallets on its platform.

Around 3,000–4,000 tobacco shops will initially be involved, with more to follow.

“Tobacco shop owners are the best channel as they are trusted by customers and they are used to sell vouchers such as credit for mobile phones,” Adil Zakhar, Keplerk’s Director for Strategy and Development, told Reuters.

Party pooper

The French central bank has issued a statement, denying that an agreement is in place with tobacconists to allow the sale of Bitcoin.

“The Banque de France has issued several warnings on the use of crypto-assets; these caveats are still relevant. These are purely “speculative” assets and are not currencies. Those who invest in Bitcoin as in other crypto-actives do it entirely at their own risk,” it added.

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