Bitcoin surges 6% to retest $12,000 level of resistance

Bitcoin seems to be coiling up for a further move to the upside following a 6% rally on Monday morning

Bitcoin has rallied 6% this morning to retest the crucial $12,000 level of resistance.

A series of multi-million dollar market buys on BitMEX sparked the rally, with significant buy support also appearing on Bitfinex and Bitstamp.

This marks the third test of the $12,000 level in the past two weeks. A potential break-out could trigger further upside targets of $12,400, $13,000, and $14,000.

The daily stochastic indicator has crossed to the upside once again, which as discussed last week could trigger another substantial surge in price.

The risk-reward setup at $12,000 favours a short position, with a stop-loss above $12,050. However, if volume can be sustained, that level could quite easily be taken out.

It seems as though traders are attempting to prop the price up above $11,800 as a series of large buy orders have been appearing on Bitfinex, with traders ‘spoofing’ 1,500 BTC ($18 million) orders in an attempt to spur further price action to the upside.


A breakdown from $12,000 would be the first signal of a further correction, potentially up to 40%. Downside targets remain at $10,700, $9,700, $9,250, and $8,750.

It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin has the fuel needed to ignite a further rally, but this morning’s sharp spike to $12,000 has come from legitimate volume, hinting that further upside movement is to come.

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