Bitcoin tipping on Twitter is now a reality

Jack Dorsey's brainchild has become the first social media platform to implement tipping

Twitter is introducing a service that will allow users to tip their favourite content creators with Bitcoin.

The ‘Tips’ feature was tested back in May and became a reality after Twitter’s confirmation last night.

It will roll out to iOS users this week, and Android users will have access in the coming weeks.

Users will be able to use payment services such as Cash App and Venmo to tip Bitcoin, as well as Strike – a Bitcoin payments service over the Lightning Network – in order to facilitate quick transfers.

Strike, however, is only available to users in El Salvador and the US, excluding Hawaii and New York.

Twitter production team member Esther Crawford said: “We believe we can continue to incentivise the type of conversations that people want to see.”

Crawford also commented on the news that Twitter was aiming to introduce NFT authentication to the platform with users able to use NFTs as their profile picture.

“We’re excited to soon explore NFT authentication,” she added.

“It’s a way to support creators making this art with a stamp to demonstrate authenticity. By allowing people to directly connect their crypto wallets, they can track and showcase their NFT ownership on Twitter.”

Facebook, like Twitter, is keen to capitalise in a crypto world. It has proposed plans for a blockchain-based payment service called Diem.


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