Bitcoin tycoon Alex Johnson breaks silence on death of model

"We have had a year and a half of this. We have lost everything and started over again. I don’t care anymore"

US Bitcoin millionaire Alex Johnson and his wife, Luna, have spoken about the night that teenage model, Ivana Smit, plunged to her death from their apartment in Malaysia.

In their first interview since they went in to hiding, the pair told MailOnline about a threesome with Smit, 18, but insisted they had nothing to do with her demise in December 2017. They were arrested when Smit’s naked body was found 200ft beneath their apartment and spent two weeks in custody, suspected of drug use and breaching immigration rules.

They were released without charge as blood tests showed no trace of drugs and their visas checked out. However, a post-mortem revealed Smit had taken cocaine and alcohol and had high levels of PMMA.

“The Johnsons strongly denied that they gave the model drugs or took some themselves on the night of her death. Two police inquests established the cause of death as accidental, but a subsequent autopsy in Holland suggested that bruising to Smit’s arms and head had been sustained before she fell from the balcony,” MailOnline said.

“The couple did not attend the inquest to give evidence over the death and left Malaysia for Singapore before arriving in the USA, moving from address to address across the country, through Georgia and into Florida.”

Smit’s family believe that her death was no accident and are preparing a private law suit against the Johnsons. Luna Johnson, 32, said: “Ivana was our friend and we both had relationships with her. She came with us willingly that night. I wished I had more time to know her. I lost a friend.”

Alex Johnson, 45, a Bitcoin trader in Kuala Lumpur and the founder of crypto venture Everus World, added: “We have enjoyed the company of other women over the course of our marriage. I honestly don’t give a s*** what anybody thinks any more. We are numb to it… We have had a year and a half of this. We have lost everything and started over again. I don’t care anymore.”

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