Bitcoin’s Lightning Network comes to the Apple Watch

Apple smartwatches now support Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network using the BlueWallet mobile app

Popular cryptocurrency wallet provider BlueWallet has revealed a “beautifully designed smartwatch app for Bitcoin” that now includes the “world’s first Lightning-enabled smartwatch wallet”.

With the new app, users can now create Lightning Network invoices and receive direct confirmation that payments have been sent successfully on the Apple Watch.

Confirmation only takes a couple of seconds

The new process involves tapping on the BlueWallet icon inside the Apple Watch’s app directory, clicking on an individual Lightning wallet (that has been set up on the app), and creating an invoice with a name and an amount in satoshis. Finally, the watch will generate a QR code that can receive and confirm the successful receipt of Bitcoins over the Lighting Network.

The new Apple Watch functionality is the latest in a long list of improvements we have seen from the BlueWallet team over the course of 2019. Another key feature that has recently been updated is the ever-expanding ‘Lapp’ directory which now allows users to send Lightning or Bitcoin payments directly to a mobile number using the service.

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