Bitfinex launches Pulse, a bespoke social network for traders

Bitfinex is attempting to harness its growing community of traders by launching a social network platform dubbed Pulse

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has launched Pulse, a social network designed for traders to share ideas and interact with each other.

Pulse it tailored to meeting the needs of crypto traders with emphasis being put on the exchange of ideas to give traders and edge.

The platform comes after the successful launch of Bitfinex’s leaderboard that has gained a lot of attention on the likes of Twitter and Discord.

“As our community of traders continues to grow, Pulse will become a valuable information source, while also being a fun and intuitive way for traders to interact with each other,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex via a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

“We have launched Pulse in response to the demand of our users for a professional content distribution platform for traders. Building on the success of the public leaderboard — which has already created crypto icons on Twitter — Pulse will foster the friendship and community spirit that makes Bitfinex a unique place to trade.”

Users can sign up to pulse by selecting a nickname or opting to continue posting under the moniker that is displayed on the current leaderboard.

If users want to read posts without contributing themselves they can skip the Pulse account setup and read view the feed.

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