Bitfinex preps new, improved mobile app

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is set to launch a new iOS and Android app

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has developed a new mobile app, allowing ‘on-the-go’ traders to have a more tailored experience.

It has fully rewritten the existing app to support the latest iOS and Android native features. It says that “traders can expect a fast and snappy experience with similar functionality as our website”

New features

New features include quick view (a way for traders to quickly pull out their phones and understand their current progress in one glance), responsive widgets, biometric security support (for fingerprint and face ID) and optimised displaces for iPhone X ‘nothes’.

Bitfinex’s competitor, Coinbase, undoubtedly has the most successful app in the cryptocurrency space. This includes holding the title of the most downloaded app on the Apple store in December 2017.

Paolo Ardoino (Bitifnex CTO) tweeted “we are a tiny dev team compared to the competition. All of us are working hard to build the best platform possible.”

Bitfinex is currently running a final Beta. If you want to check it out, see details of how to sign up in its medium post.

Future plans

It seems that this won’t be the end to developments on the Bitifnex platform. An upcoming roadmap includes Ethfinex/ EOSfinex versions, customised notifications and scaled/algorithmic orders.

Ardoino notes that, “the number of projects that we have in the works is growing so talent is always welcome. Let’s build an exchange technology for the P2P web!”

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