BitGuild ‘pushing blockchain gaming movement forward’

Critics of blockchain argue that there is no real substance to the solutions etc being produced. But the potential for this technology to create transparent, trustless systems is anything but nebulous, and these systems will fundamentally change/simplify the ways people and companies interact in the digital space.   

That’s the view of Jared Psigoda, Co-founder of gaming venture BitGuild. In an interview with Coin Rivet, he says: “We have to remember that blockchain is just a technology, and that it can be used for both good (e.g. game design innovation) and bad (get rich quick schemes). That being said, we believe that blockchain’s potential for good greatly outweighs its negative use cases and are committed to pushing adoption through games while educating our community about blockchain technology.”

Elsewhere, Psigoda, who has been working in the gaming industry for over a decade, including co-founding Reality Squared Games in 2010, talks about he became involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2017 as an investor before realising the potential for combining blockchain technology with gaming after playing CryptoKitties.

“The most interesting aspect of blockchain technology for our industry is the ability for players to be able to own any and all of their digital assets. This includes any item that can be found in an online game, such as armour, weapons, characters, and more. This drastically changes the relationship between players and developers and allows for real ownership inside of virtual worlds,” he comments.

“It was with this in mind that we started putting together a team of top gaming and blockchain experts from around the world to form BitGuild, which aims to be a key player in pushing the blockchain gaming movement forward and has already taken significant first steps in doing so.”

Read the full interview here.

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