BitMEX announces two new grants to open source developers

Cypto platform looks set to take its project to new heights on back of AC Milan deal

BitMEX has announced the award of two open source developer grants to Rene Pickhardt and Chris Coverdale.

The exchange is one of the world’s leading crypto derivative platforms and has now completed the calendar year with six awarded grants.

Pickhardt’s work involves improving the reliability of the payment process and minimum cost flow solvers for optimal payment flows.

Coverdale is working on building an implementation of the Stratum V2 Bitcoin mining pool protocol which would make data transfer more efficient.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX, spoke of his decision to offer the two grants, and the importance of the work being undertaken.

“It is a clear testament to BitMEX’s long term commitment to Bitcoin and open source technology,” he said.

“Support for Bitcoin developers from cryptocurrency exchanges is something BitMEX pioneered, and now our programme is larger and more comprehensive than any other exchange.

“We are delighted to welcome Rene and Chris to the programme and will continue to support Bitcoin development for years to come.”

BitMEX entering sports

BitMEX has already made waves in the sports world, striking a multi-year deal with Italian giants AC Milan to become their official sleeve sponsor.

The deal extensively broadens the brand of BitMEX by being tied to a football club as historic as AC Milan and it’ll also provide Milan fans better access to the cryptocurrency world through the platform.

Höptner explained the partnership was a “hugely exciting new chapter for BitMEX”.

“We look to ramp up brand awareness and increase understanding of crypto,” he added.

“AC Milan is one of the world’s most progressive football clubs , and combined with its rich footballing heritage boasts extraordinary reach and engagement with fans globally.”

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