Bitsdaq has announced its new token sale platform Bitsdaq Launchpad

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitsdaq has announced the upcoming launch of its new token sale platform called Bitsdaq Launchpad, which will be available in April

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitsdaq has announced it will be launching a token sale platform in April called Bitsdaq Launchpad.

Bitsdaq is a popular exchange based in Asia and is partnered with Bittrex in Macau, Singapore, and Canada.

The exchange launched in January 2019 and has already garnered more than 1.4 million registered users.

Bitsdaq Launchpad will use advanced technology to help blockchain projects obtain contributions directly from users of the Bitsdaq exchange to help prevent gas wars between sales participants.

The platform will also help prevent scams as users will know they can only purchase tokens through Bitsdaq.

Additionally, being listed on the platform will function as a “vote of confidence” from the exchange which will conduct its own due diligence on developer projects.

Technical projects with the following model characteristics will be eligible for listing on Bitsdaq Launchpad:

  • The project has a strong team and technical background, with development at a relatively mature stage.
  • The project has its own products which have large-scale application potential.
  • The project has a clear development roadmap to ensure long-term development.


Ricky Ng, CEO of Bitsdaq, commented: “Bitsdaq Launchpad will bring more high-tier projects to our users. We will connect users to projects that have passed a full due diligence process before launching.

“With Bitsdaq Launchpad, project owners can focus more on development and project applications.”

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